The Ergodyne Two-Piece Fleece Balaclava is designed to give you maximum versatility in a balaclava design. Constructed with two pieces, this design allows it to be worn three different ways, as a headpiece, neck gaiter or a full balaclava. Outside hook and loop straps allow it to easily secure onto a hard hat for better stability, and reflective accents help keep you safe and seen while on the job. The polyester fleece is soft and comfortable while trapping heat in close to your head and keeping you warm, and the longer length of the neckpiece allows it to be tucked into a shirt or jacket, ensuring heat stays in and cold stays out. If you’re looking for a versatile piece that will seal out harsh winter weather, look no further.

Features of Ergodyne Two-Piece Fleece Balaclava

  • Two-piece polyester fleece attached by hook and loops
  • Unique hook and loop suspensions to attach cap to a hard hat for better stability
  • Long length to tuck into a shirt or jacket
  • Reflective accents help keep workers safe and seen
  • Can be worn three different ways