Blackhawk Double Stack Double Mag Case

For a magazine case that can handle the weight and wear of a double stack mag setup, Blackhawk presents the Double Stack Double Mag Case. It features Blackhawk’s signature tension spring design, but can also fit twice the ammunition. It accommodates both 9 mm and .40 caliber magazines, and is engineered to follow the wearer’s natural waist line to provide a slimmer profile and more ergonomic fit. The hook on the belt clip is adjustable to suit various belt widths and comes with both belt loops required for secure mounting. Available in both single stack and staggered column magazine models, this case is reliable and versatile enough for everyday range and field use.

Features of Blackhawk Double Stack Double Mag Case

  • Tension spring for different width magazines
  • Adjustable hook for various belt widths
  • Curved to waist line for slim profile
  • Accommodates 9 mm and .40 caliber magazines
  • Includes both belt loops and belt clip
  • Comes with removable attached belt-clip
  • Does not fit SERPA shoulder holster rail